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Do you have any good websites I can visit for demographic data on my neighborhood? If I’ve been asked that question once, I’ve received it a dozen times. And for what it is worth, it’s a good question. Nowadays, many pastors and church leaders understand (at least in a theoretical sense) the need for knowing their ministry context and contextualizing their mission strategy to engage their neighbors in a way that is meaningful. This same crowd most likely knows that has something to do with demographic data on their neighborhood, and they begin trying to find a way to capture…

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Growing up, I was at church almost every time the doors were open: Sunday morning, most Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, and special events. Unless I was sick, my parents rarely let me miss church. For the most part, I actually wanted to be at church every time I was there. But, there were some Sundays that came after long Saturdays of dance competitions or late Saturday nights with friends, and I wanted to sleep in rather than go to church. And I never really understood why it was a big deal to miss one Sunday every once in a while.…

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I try to keep my eyes on new research concerning the foreign born population in the United States, and Pew Research dropped a new report this week that deserves some attention. This report is not expressly about foreign-born populations. Instead it deals with U.S. adherents to Islam. In other words, this research is about all of the American residents, foreign-born or otherwise, who claim Islam as their religion. The premise: there are as many new Americans converting to Islam as former Muslims leaving it. The report makes several interesting claims, and the numbers are something church leaders should understand if…

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