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I did not come up with this headline, a guy by the name of Martin Kähler did. Kähler was a theologian himself, from Germany, and was making a very important point when he penned these words. In fact, it is significant enough that it bears repeating. In short, Kähler is claiming missions birthed theology.  Put another way, missions gave rise to theology. There may be some caveats to the statement, but overall he is correct. Furthermore, that is pretty important for the church to grasp and not in some academic, theoretical way. This is not some cute saying to make…

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I recently ran across an article in the news that I think you need to see. It comes to us from the Religion News Service and is certainly thought-provoking. The title, “My high school’s Muslim prayer room was a lesson in religious freedom,” is eye-catching enough, but the piece itself is worth the read. Written from the perspective of a Muslim student, it details the current tension that exists in the United States around the exercise of religious liberty for non-Christian religions. My point in surfacing this article is not to get into some debate about the specifics of the…

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I learned a new term this week: vacation move. A vacation move is when a person or family picks up and moves to another city but has no intention of staying in that city long term. Vacationer movers pack up their life and head off to another city, most often because it sounds like a fun place to live for a season. And millennials are doing it in droves. A move may be accompanied by a job offer or any number of reasons, but the idea is never one of permanence. It may be a stepping-stone position, or it may simply…

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