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The Great Commission is to “all nations.” Usually in missions speak, this phrase refers to ethnolinguistic people groups. These groups go by a lot of names: tribes, nations, peoples, etc. And surely, there are no tribes, no people groups, no population segments that the church can leave out of this disciple-making mission. Some people groups are harder to reach than others. Some are in far away places, and some are in countries that are closed to the spread of the gospel. These places persecute anyone who accepts Christ. This is one reason it is so significant God is bringing many…

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This may be hard to believe, but there was a time when most churches did not think the Great Commission applied to them. Two hundred years ago, it was common for people to read this command at the end of the gospels as one already fulfilled. In the minds of most, the command to go and make disciples of all nations was handed directly to the apostles. When Paul made it to Rome, this signaled the completion of that mandate. That may sound crazy to us today. After all, we talk about the Great Commission all the time and we…

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We need better ministry methods in our cities. There is a lot of talk out there nowadays about cities. Everyone, including me, is quoting that statistic about half the world’s population. Fresh calls come forth regularly for a focus on our cities, and they need to. We do need to be working in cities, and I am excited that people are starting to talk about this. Any long view of mission of global missions (that is abroad and here at home) must take into account two realities. First, a strong majority of the very people we are trying to reach…

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