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We have all been there. Someone in our small group asks to have coffee and we agree. Soon, we are sitting across a table before work one morning and see the expression on their face. We know the expression, we have had the expression. It is guilt and shame mixed with concern. As the conversation progresses, it turns to confession. Our friend is struggling with a particular sin and knows that confession is the right approach to dealing with it. They are seeking help, and they have come to us. Or perhaps the tables are turned and everyone in the…

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Last week, I wrote a piece about the foggy words we use in church that can sidetrack our mission. Sometimes, we say things that sound real nice, even sound important or profound, but have little real-world meaning. At best, these phrases keep us from really understanding what we are supposed to be doing concerning the Great Commission. At worst, they can be used to conceal ineffectiveness from ourselves or others. Words are not the only things that can be foggy. Numbers can be foggy too. That may be hard to swallow. After all, numbers are concrete, right? Well, to an…

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Back in December, I announced a free webinar over at ethné that I cohosted. In that webinar we covered the process of people group discovery for churches and agencies interested in simply ways to find out about people groups around your community. Today, I want to let you know about the follow-up webinar that will be taking place this Thursday at 2 pm EST. Last month, we talked about discovery. In the next one, we will discuss engagement. If you and your church are like many, you see the gospel opportunities around you to reach peoples from all over the world. I…

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