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Density and diversity. Those are the things that make a place a city, at least according to most contemporary definitions. Lots of people word it different ways; some say a city is a place, some say it is a collection of systems, and others say it is a group of people. Regardless, most definitions come back to these twin ideas of density and diversity. How do we know where the city starts and stops? That is getting harder today with urban sprawl, but we usually mark out the city and not-the-city by density. Close on its heels is the reality…

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“The strength that comes from human collaboration is the central truth behind civilization’s success and the primary reason why cities exist.” The quote above is from a book by Edward Glaeser called The Triumph of the City. It is a simple idea. In fact, it is so simple our gut reaction is to disagree. Surely there has to be more to cities than this! But, I think he is correct. The primary reason for cities must certainly be human collaboration. Some will argue it is for protection, looking back to the old fort cities of antiquity. Others argue that it…

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You may have never heard the term “ethnic enclave,” but if you are interested in the Great Commission, then it is one you need to know. I come across it all the time in my research, so I decided it would be good to provide quick crash course in ethnic enclaves. An ethnic enclave, simply put, is an area (usually a neighborhood) in city where a large concentration of people from a similar ethnic background develops. Most often, this term is not applied to majority culture groups, so white or black neighborhoods rarely wear this term, even though they are…

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