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You may have never heard the term “ethnic enclave,” but if you are interested in the Great Commission, then it is one you need to know. I come across it all the time in my research, so I decided it would be good to provide quick crash course in ethnic enclaves. An ethnic enclave, simply put, is an area (usually a neighborhood) in city where a large concentration of people from a similar ethnic background develops. Most often, this term is not applied to majority culture groups, so white or black neighborhoods rarely wear this term, even though they are…

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A few weeks back, I called attention to the foggy words we often use as Christians to talk about our gospel work and ministry. Today, I want to point out one such phrase. It is real common, nowadays, to talk of “preaching the gospel to yourself.” You may have heard someone use this, or you may have said it yourself. It most often makes its way into small group studies, I believe. A group will be discussing a particular passage, and this is somehow an application statement that is made. “Well,” someone will chime in, “we just need to make…

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The Great Commission is about working yourself out of a job. I find that simple statement is a helpful way to describe the crux of our mission. In short, our task is replication; replication of disciples and replication of churches. Look back at the commission, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey all that Christ has commanded. Being a disciple means making disciples. After all, we are not obeying all that has been commanded if we are missing the Great Commission! The reverse can be stated as well. Can someone really call themselves…

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