From the edge of the world


They say it doesn’t exist, but I’ve been there.

As a matter of fact, I feel like I’m there now. While writing these words, I stare out across a piece of glass the locals call the Marmara Denizi (Sea of Marmara). I watch the sun set in a sky so blue it meets the water with a harmony that deceives the eye. It is impossible to see where the world ends and the heavens begin. It is as if I’m at the world’s end. No wonder the ancient Greeks of this land imagined floating off into the endless expanse of water and arriving at new worlds.



Worth vs. Ability: There is a difference

It is the first day of a new year, and you can tell by looking at social media. Twitter and Facebook are clogged up with quick motivational messages and reminders to make 2014 the best year of your life.

These messages may be sentimental, and some are spot on. However, a constant thread runs though most, and I am not convinced it is a good one.

We no longer know the difference between worth and ability.


On contentment

I have a theory. Now mind you, it is just a theory, so perhaps I could be proven wrong. Nevertheless, here it goes:

Genuine thankfulness should result in contentment.

According to the commentators for the Macy’s parade yesterday, an estimated 45 million turkeys were consumed as families across the United States gathered to take part in our celebration of thankfulness. Families gathered around tables to feast, sat with family they had not seen since the holidays last year, and went around the table sharing about their thankfulness. But that begs the question, “Is this really thankfulness?” … 


On stupid questions and missing the point

The questions we ask say a lot about who we are. Think about it for just a minute. Questions reveal concerns. We rarely ask questions about things that do not concern us. They expose our understanding of things. We have all sat in a classroom where someone raised there hand and asked a question only to reveal how incredibly little they understood about the subject at hand. Fact is, most all of us have been that person.

Furthermore, I am not so sure the old adage, “There are no stupid questions,” is all that true. Honestly, there are some really bad questions out there. …