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Here’s a quick list of articles that provide significant research on cities, both in the US and overseas. The global megacity boom This article is a handy little reference. It provides a snapshot of the world’s ten largest cities with total population, per capita GDP, and a reference population from 1975 to demonstrate growth. The article is worth mining for several other factoids as well. New Urbanism isn’t dead – but thanks to climate change, it is evolving This article is a bit in the weeds, but I point it out for one, simple reason. In the past, new urban…

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Every now and then, I have an article on the internet reach out and slap me in the face. Today it was in a good way, and I wanted to share it with you. It is an article at Christianity Today by John Meador, pastor of First Baptist Euless, TX. In the article, John briefly outlines his churches transformation into a gospel-sharing machine. This is not the only article lately focused on the significance of sharing the gospel with our lost neighbors. The priority of evangelism in the mission of the church is getting a fresh look. We may even…

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Peoples Next Door

I fell for it every year. When I was growing up in my small hometown, the biggest week or the year was when the regional fair came to town. Our Rotary park would fill with rides, blinking lights, and the midway. Everyone in the county would make their way around that midway at least once over the course of the week. Scattered down the inevitably muddy walkway was a string of games. You could toss a ring on a Coke bottle and win a stuffed animal, or you could land a ping pong ball in fish bowl and win a…

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