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I like to set things on fire.

I blame my father. When I was a little kid, we were always lighting things on fire… and then he taught me how how to make homemade fireworks. But that is another story.

I may enjoy the warm glow and soft crackle of a fire, but I am convinced I am not the only one. In my aimless meandering around the World Wide Web, I feel I have made an interesting discovery. I think Christians are closet pyromaniacs. Read More Off Topic: Are Christians closet pyromaniacs?

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October 16, 2009
The sun was setting as I looked out the window to my left. Far below me the terrain spread out in all directions. As we made our final descent, I stared out the window at my new home. The golden reflection of the water gave way to green rice fields. The horizon was guarded by ominous mountains that sprang up from the terrain. Sheer rock faces glared back at me in the sunlight, crowned with lush tropical forest on their tops. It was beautiful, but it was foreign.

The hot air hit me in the face as I rounded the corner for the door. My last breath of American air was crisp and cool, a Tennessee Autumn, but this air was heavy and filled my lungs. The darkness closed in around me as I stepped off the airplane. Read More Time flies…

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This past Sunday, I braved the capital city of my little country. Fighting my way through crowds of maniacal taxi drivers and scores of motorcycle riders that would make Evel Knievel blush, I made my way to the airport. My mission was to pick up passengers for a stay here; however, this particular set of travelers was not our typical volunteer team. They were my parents.

The last time we saw each other was through watery eyes at the Nashville airport, as I passed through security on my way to Africa. Almost a year later, to the day, I was standing in a little airport parking lot waiting on their plane. It was not hard to miss, it was the only plane. Few people ever come here. Read More Worlds Collide

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