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I have a confession. Pulling water is not one of my spiritual gifts. For those of you too pampered to have ever experienced this, “pulling water” is the euphemism applied to dragging buckets of water up a rope and out of a 50ft-deep well.

Pulling water, that sounds easy. At least I thought so when I first heard this would be part of my daily routine in the village. That was one of many stupid assumptions I would make adjusting to life in the bush.

Before I ever tried this activity for myself, I watched as the women and little kids would go casually over to the well, throw the bucket down into the chasm and effortlessly lift the water out of the hole and pour it into their own containers. It appeared to be a cinch, and the concept was simple. Drop in bucket, pull out water. Anybody could do that. Read More Delight in the Law of the Lord: Part 5 – Technique

Discipleship from Africa Hermeneutics

I will return to my posts on Bible study tomorrow. However, I felt compelled to take a brief hiatus and discuss my reflections on the day. Traditionally, I have thought very little of this holiday, choosing instead to focus on the day off work, the grilled goodies, and the ensuing fireworks show to cap off the evening. Yet this year, I find myself celebrating our country’s independence on a foreign country’s soil. More significantly, this particular country is in the middle of a battle for its own independence. Not from some oppressive imperial power (they loosed those chains over 50…

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Why do we overcomplicate things? Is it part of human nature, possibly a result of the fall? Take for instance that master of ingenuity, Wile E. Coyote. There are few things in life that bring me as much happiness as laughing at his misery. In his eternal effort to snare the Roadrunner, or more precisely to satisfy his hunger, he stops at no lengths. I know I personally have watched him strap himself to a rocket, shoot out of a catapult, construct the most absurd Rube Goldbergs and single-handedly keep the ACME company in business with endless purchases of iron birdseed, fake holes, and industrial-size magnets. Indeed, would it not be far more cost effective for him to save the money he spends at ACME and go buy a burger?

Yet, there is some mystical force behind the gimmick. We have all been guilty of using gimmicks. Each of us have a secret love affair with that particular “as seen on TV” item. At current, mine is the Snuggie®. What a great gimmick. You can have your blanket on and still use the remote! (If you order now, you will receive a free book light.) Read More Delight in the Law of the Lord: Part 4 – Overcomplicated?

Discipleship from Africa Hermeneutics