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Periodically, I like to provide a list of recent articles and research for those interested in missions in the urban context. Each of these articles went public in the last couple of weeks, and all have bearing on the fulfilling the Great Commission in our cities. Immigration Of course, immigration is an important topic for urban missions. Over the last week or so, the Brookings Institute has released several pieces of research concerning immigration. I’ll point to two that I think are worth reading. The first cuts against the narrative that immigration is an economic drain on the United States.…

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Last week the United States Census Bureau put out a new press release with a bunch of information about the upcoming census. The release was a laundry list of things, so I will quote the portion I want you to see here: New data for five languages are available on American Fact Finder Table B16001: Haitian, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil. There were 806,254 people ages 5 and older who spoke Haitian at home. Almost half (48.8 percent) lived in Florida. Of the 280,867 people ages 5 and older who spoke Punjabi at home, 48.0 percent lived in California. Of…

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This past week, Pew Research dropped some new data on the Muslim population in Europe, and I thought it worth sharing. You can find the research here: 5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe. In short, while the Muslim population share in Europe is still relatively small (average 5%), projects show that it could more than double in the coming decades. That’s a big deal. First off, let me calm some of you. Europe is not being rapidly converted to Islam. These population numbers are accounted for primarily by immigration. Over the last couple of years, Europe has been…

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