Author: Meredith Cook

Recently I wrote about spiritual gifts and using your gifts to serve the church. Today, I want to discuss a couple of issues with the whole spiritual gifts conversation. Obviously, I do not mean that spiritual gifts are a problem, but if we are not careful we abuse the idea. Let me give you an example from my personal experience. Several years ago, I was part of the core team for a new church plant in my hometown. When considering the opportunity, I was told my main responsibilities would be assisting and teaching in the children’s ministry. There was just…

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  Have you ever taken a spiritual gift inventory? I have, and I assume many who are reading this blog have as well. Spiritual gift inventories, while a bit simplistic and overgeneralizing, can be helpful if you don’t know how you are gifted. However, they do not address the underlying purpose of spiritual gifts, nor do they accurately tell us what to do with the gifts once we know what they are. We need to understand what the Bible says about them, and let it tell us how to use them. There are several passages that discuss giftings, but I…

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I recently participated in my church’s women’s retreat. The theme for the retreat was “Story,” focusing on The Story (the gospel), and how we view our own stories in light of the gospel. Scripture lays out one big story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. The Bible tells us who we are in Christ and what we should do in light of that truth. All of our stories relate to this narrative. By listening to the stories of others, we learn more about God and how He works in a diverse group of people to accomplish one purpose- the salvation…

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