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The following is another guest post by Meredith Cooper. Meredith has been researching the topic of member care for missionaries and recently presented her findings. I wanted you to get a chance to hear from her on the topic. Recently I presented a paper at a regional meeting of the Evangelical Missiological Society. In this paper, I argued that the local church should be the center of the missionary sending process and should take responsibility for providing member care to its members who it sends out. The centrality of the church in all aspects of mission is something I am…

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  Last week I wrote on the importance of showing hospitality to those around us. Hospitality is an important part of displaying Christ’s love, but there is another side to it that gets overlooked. We emphasize showing hospitality, but I think that learning how to receive hospitality is equally important. This is especially true in cross-cultural ministry. As I mentioned briefly in the last post, the highest expression of honor you can show someone of a different culture is to enter their home. It is difficult as Westerners to wrap our minds around this, though. Here are a few things…

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The following is a guest piece by Meredith Cooper on the challenge and necessity of hospitality in gospel ministry. Its practical and I think most of us can relate to the scenarios she discusses below. Hospitality is a word I hear a lot in conjunction with ministry training. It is now a common subject in my seminary classes, church sermons, conferences or books I read, and with good reason. Hospitality is an important part of both obeying the “one another” commands we see in Scripture regarding fellow believers and doing gospel ministry with those outside the church. Take Rosaria Butterfield…

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