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I recently ran across a quote I would like to share concerning the significance of global cities in the mission of the church. It is from Jared Looney, who wrote Crossroads of the Nations: While it is unlikely that this status will remain static, global cities such as New York City, London, Tokyo as well as Paris, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Houston, and many other key urban centers are of strategic importance for the present and future church. Such cities are centers of global influence and points of connection between nations and cultures. As the Gospel moved along the Roman roads…

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You do not make the gospel relevant. I want to be careful here, because it is easy to pit two things against each other in Western minds. That is not what I am doing. I am all for contextualization, and I think it is a big concern, especially in the super-diverse urban settings in North America. That said, the gospel does not need your help being relevant. The gospel is already relevant. It is relevant for all people in all places. It speaks to all cultures. The issue is not relevancy but translatability. The gospel is translatable into any culture,…

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“We’re not about making decisions, we’re about making disciples!” It is a common refrain in church services nowadays. And that is the right attitude. After all, making disciples includes “teaching them all I have commanded.” We should be concerned about raising up people in Christ, about maturing Christians who are themselves disciples. But here is my question for you: can you prove it? If your church is the type to declare during a worship service that you are more concerned about making disciples than making decisions, do you have any way to prove that statement is true? What is a…

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