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Eyeballs are fascinating. They take in all of this information around us and translate it into a vision that is meaningful. They give us the information we need to see the road ahead and watch out for hazards. They interpret our surroundings and show us the best ways to get somewhere. But sometimes, they don’t do so well. Sometimes, that vision is blurry, even to the point of blind spots. We all know people who are either nearsighted or farsighted. As the name implies, nearsighted people tend to have problems seeing what is far away. They can read what is…

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If you follow Thom Rainer’s blog, you have most likely seen this. If not, get ready to dig in to some important information on local churches in North America. For the last couple of weeks, Rainer’s blog has been dropping the findings from a recent Lifeway Research study into the growth and decline of North American churches, and the results are significant. The study selected 1000 churches and examined their data for a period of three years (from 2013 to 2016). According to Thom, the results were good and the data produced some reliable findings. That is important in a…

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For the Christian, the question is not if we will suffer but when. Of course, that statement is contingent upon the kind of lifestyle we choose to live. Perhaps a better way to say that is the Christian who lives as the Bible tells a Christian to live will inevitably face suffering because they are a Christian. Authentic Christianity, what I would call the normal Christian life, is one lived by a completely different ethic than the one around us. Last week, I wrote on this normal Christian life as it is explained by Peter in his first epistle. He…

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