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The questions we ask say a lot about who we are. Think about it for just a minute. Questions reveal concerns. We rarely ask questions about things that do not concern us. They expose our understanding of things. We have all sat in a classroom where someone raised there hand and asked a question only to reveal how incredibly little they understood about the subject at hand. Fact is, most all of us have been that person.

Furthermore, I am not so sure the old adage, “There are no stupid questions,” is all that true. Honestly, there are some really bad questions out there. Read More On stupid questions and missing the point

Discipleship from the Word

“You must purge the evil from you” (Deut 24:7).

This is the constant refrain given in Deuteronomy. As Moses revisits the statutes set before Israel going into the promised land, he provides the above statement as grounding. However, it begs the question, “Why?” Why is it necessary for Israel to purge the evil in their camp?

Honestly, many of the practices Moses lays out when using this phrase appear overly harsh, even sadistic at times. For instance, “purging the evil” is given as the reason to stone a rebellious child or a woman who is discovered to not be a virgin when she gets married. In my mind, while these are both wrong, they are certainly not offenses worthy of death! Read More On the severity of sin

Discipleship from the Word

The message of the kingdom is the mission of the church.

Over the last three posts, I have discussed the significance of the kingdom of God, pointed out some common misconceptions, and provided a rough description of this kingdom. The kingdom has already come in one sense, yet in another, it is waiting on its fulfillment. It is “already, but not yet.” However, it is clear in this time between the times that the church has a crucial role to play in the establishment of the kingdom. Read More Already, but not yet – Part 4

Discipleship from the Word