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Language is dynamic.

Take any linguistics course, and the ever-changing nature of language is one of the first things you learn. Over time, words morph and change into completely new animals. This is why Charles Spurgeon frequently referred to God as awful in his sermons. It is why Michael Jackson sang a whole song about being bad, and somehow that was a good thing. It is why, “That’s sick!” is a compliment.

But we must ask ourselves, is there a point where society has gone too far?

In recent years a new phenomenon has made its way into the vernacular. It started with text messages and was heightened to a new level with the advent of Twitter. Due to the space constraints in these mediums, it seems Americans are increasingly unable to compose a thought longer than 140 characters. Read More Off Topic: Hyper-Abbreviation (a manual)

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Missionaries are taught to be culturally sensitive. We read books about it. We take classes in it. And, before we leave the country, we have to sit through an orientation on some compound out in the middle of the woods learning about it. For, the task of a missionary is to learn the language and culture of those to whom they are sent. It is a principle more people need to learn. Take for instance the newest culture. It is a global culture, one that spans international boundaries, space, and time. When Al Gore invented the internet, a small little…

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This past weekend I saw something I have not seen in a while. 

It was Prayer Hands.

As you well know, Prayer Hands are the officially adopted prayer position of the western church. For time and memorial they have been emblazoned upon countless pieces of Jesus paraphernalia. As a child, this is the first of many prayer positions we learn. Our parents teach us to put our two hands together in this fashion as we kneel over our bed and thank God for our puppy and mud puddles. Read More Off Topic: Prayer Positions

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