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I love reading the great missions texts, and Stephen Neill’s A History of Christian Missions is no exception. Today, I want to share a few paragraphs with you from his opening chapter. These words were great encouragement to me and I pray they would be for you, whether you are a pastor or simply a church member who desires to see the Great Commission fulfilled. Neill writes: The Church of the first Christian generation was a genuinely missionary Church. There were, of course, the whole-time workers, such as Saul and Barnabas, specially set apart with prayer for the prosecution of…

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We have all seen that well-intentioned pastor or speaker on a video in our Facebook jazzed about how this is the biggest moment in the history of the world. The face changes, but the message does not. This is our time, and we must seize it. Carpe diem! If every day is the most important, then no day winds up being important. Too much sensationalism and it is eventually overlooked. But that is not the purpose of today’s post. In his substantial work on the doctrine of the church, Gregg Allison makes a really important point and I want to…

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You do not make the gospel relevant. I want to be careful here, because it is easy to pit two things against each other in Western minds. That is not what I am doing. I am all for contextualization, and I think it is a big concern, especially in the super-diverse urban settings in North America. That said, the gospel does not need your help being relevant. The gospel is already relevant. It is relevant for all people in all places. It speaks to all cultures. The issue is not relevancy but translatability. The gospel is translatable into any culture,…

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