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“A gospel-centered church is not one where the preacher preaches the gospel, but where the people share the gospel.” ~John Meador A couple of weeks ago, I commented on an article at Christianity Today by John Meador of First Baptist Euless, TX. Meador writes about his church’s return to evangelism as an every member ministry. It’s a great article, and if you did not read it then, I would suggest you do so now. I bring the article up again because that quote above stuck with me. I knew then I wanted to tease it out. Cards on the table,…

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A Rube Goldberg machine is a device that accomplishes a simple task by complex means. Think of the board game Mousetrap, or just watch this video. For the last week or so, I have been mulling over a statement made by J.D Payne at this year’s Reaching the Nations in North America summit. J.D. was speaking on church planting methods and made this claim: if church planting was as complex in the first century as today in the U.S., the gospel would have never left the Middle East. You can catch the whole address here. Now that is a fairly…

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Only a few years ago, I thought this was an empty field. Millions of people moving to the United States, often settling in Bible Belt cities, and no real talk whatsoever of local churches (or even mission agencies) taking advantage of this good gift from the Lord. A seemingly impossible mission given to our church to go and make disciples of all nations, and now God has flipped the script. The nations are doing the going, and they are landing in a cul de sac down the street. And yet, a few years ago, it seemed like an empty field.…

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