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For a number of years now the representatives of our foreign missionary societies have been crying with a loud voice for the best talent of America to go into foreign lands. Their cry has been heard, and each year the choicest best-trained young men and women from our various colleges and universities have given themselves heart and soul to that great enterprise. Has the time not come for us to raise our voices in behalf of the needs of our own land? What is necessary to make the church awaken to her great responsibility and duty? She cannot help but…

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It all started by Jesus calling a few men to follow him. This revealed immediately the direction his evangelist strategy would take. His concern was not with programs to reach the multitudes, but with men whom the multitudes would follow. Remarkable as it may seem, Jesus started to gather these men before he organized an evangelistic campaign or even preached a sermon in public. Men were to be his method of winning the world to God. Those are the first words of the first chapter of Robert Coleman’s excellent book, The Master Plan of Evangelism. In his small treatise, Coleman…

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“What does it mean to be resilient — to be able to face trauma and get through it?” That is the primary question addressed in a new NPR article about refugee teens written by Maanvi Singh, and the short article is worth your time. The article points to a study conducted with refugee teens in order to develop an understanding of their resilience and its source. Now, there is a limit to this study. It deals specifically with Syrians, so that narrows it to a particular culture. However, I do believe the findings are significant for refugees from a host…

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