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“The new immigrants represent not the de-Christianization of American society but the de-Europeanization of American Christianity” (Warner, “Immigrants and the Faith They Bring“, 2004). That’s a quote from an article written a little over 10 years ago. At the time, Stephen Warner, a sociologist, was making a fairly startling claim. Americans were starting to get the sense that immigration was changing things. After all, by that time, immigration had increased so much it eclipsed the first great wave of immigration to the United States that occurred back in the early 1900s. Many were pointing to the rise in pluralism in…

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I ran across a recent report from the International Organization for Migration (an arm of the UN Migration Agency) that is worth sharing here on the website. The research brief takes up the task of predicting future global migration patterns. Of course, this kind of work is speculative and the brief admits as much. It is notoriously hard to predict how things will happen simply by analyzing how things have happened. Nevertheless, the research highlights a couple of really significant points that are worth note for those of us concerned about the mission of the church in North America (and…

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You know the old adage, 80 percent of the work is done by 20 percent of the people. Honestly, sometimes that even feels generous. Those of us who have pastored churches know the feeling. There always seems to be more to get done than people willing to do it. In the midst of juggling the manifold tasks of leading a congregation, it is easy to let things fall out of sight. Easier still is overlooking opportunities to shepherd that may be hiding behind certain ministry paradigms. I am convinced that a lack of leadership frequently has more to do with…

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