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  “In the News” is a series where I highlight research and various articles from around the internet to showcase shifts of missiological significance.  Why American Cities are Fighting to Attract Immigrants The tagline of a recent article in the Atlantic reads, “Many metro areas with large foreign-born populations have thriving local economies. And now local governments all over the U.S. are trying to replicate their successes.” You can check out the article here: “Why American Cities are Fighting to Attract Immigrants.” The article goes on to highlight Nashville, Tenn. as a success story concerning its proactive approach to immigration…

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There is something about a picture, an icon, that galvanizes emotions and sets one’s conscience. The recent image of little Aylan Kurdi, washed up dead on a Turkish beach, is that image for the current migrant crisis in Europe. I call it a migrant crisis, because it is much more than a wave of immigration. Here in the States, we talk about the wave of foreign-born migrants to the US. But in Europe, it is not a wave; it is a tsunami. This year, Germany expects to grant asylum to 800,000 more people. That number is four times larger than…

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As a means of helping people see the various roles involved in people group discovery and engagement, I plan to periodically interview practitioners. These people will come from a variety of places (state conventions, sending agencies, research organizations, and of course local churches) as we look at all the ways people can be involved. Let’s walk a mile in their shoes. Today, I am interviewing Caleb Bridges (name changed) who works for a Baptist state convention that is very involved in people group work. State conventions can play an important role in discovering and engaging people groups, if their focus…

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