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This is not a new article (it came out in 2013), but┬áChristianity Today engages with some data published by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell. The article is titled, “The Craziest Statistic You’ll Read About North American Missions.” That may be an overstatement, but the article does point to some astonishing realities that churches in the United States need to understand. The statistic that prompts the article is this, “20 percent of non-Christians in North America really do not ‘personally know’ any Christians.” Admittedly, that is crazy. In fact, it should be embarrassing. Now, to be…

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Culture runs deep. In fact, culture runs deeper than most ever realize. When we think about culture, we typically think about dress and food, dancing and art, language and festivals. To be certain, these are all cultural activities. Culture is not less than these things; however, it is driven by much deeper issues. At the risk of wearing out an already-tired metaphor, culture is like an iceberg. Culture has explicit and implicit aspects. The explicit aspects are the things we see (clothing, food, arts, dance, etc.) and the implicit things are those that lie under the surface (worldview, faith, relational…

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Missions is changing. Our great-grandchildren will read about this moment in church history textbooks, if the Lord does not return first. Global changes are taking place that will forever affect the way churches fulfill the great commission, and our generation is standing at a major turning point in the history of the church. I like to call this change the democratization of global missions. That is really a fancy way of saying that for the first time in history, every, single member of your local church can be directly involved in international missions. I am not referring to praying for…

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