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Today, in the wake of the devastating events over the weekend, I wanted to call three articles to your attention from the news. One is a news story and the other two are opinion pieces, both written by prominent evangelicals. My hope in doing so is twofold: to inform about the events that took place and to help Christians think through their response to the tragedy. Responses are cropping up from all across the political and social spectrum, and it is evident that some on both sides are gearing up to use this as ammunition for their ongoing argument. In the middle…

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  I have heard the gospel countless times, thousands of times. I imagine you have too. Most of the people who read this blog already claim to be believers. I typically write to the choir here. More than hear it, I have spoken the gospel countless times. I have preached the gospel. I have taught the gospel. I have shared the gospel with people. Perhaps you have too. But I am concerned that too often we stop short in our words about the gospel. I believe a misunderstanding of the gospel preached causes a misappropriation of the gospel in community.…

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David Roberts, a blogger at recently wrote an article titled, “How our housing choices make adult friendships more difficult.” For a secular piece, Roberts is rather prophetic in his tone about the shape of society and its relationship with relationships. Now, I want to be clear that this is a secular work. I am not recommending it wholesale. Roberts uses evolutionary theory and other things to ground his conclusions, and I am not there with him on some of that. However, I point out this article because it provides an excellent look into the culture around us. Pastors, church planters,…

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