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As a means of helping people see the various roles involved in people group discovery and engagement, I plan to periodically interview practitioners. These people will come from a variety of places (state conventions, sending agencies, research organizations, and of course local churches) as we look at all the ways people can be involved. Let’s walk a mile in their shoes. Today, I am interviewing Caleb Bridges (name changed) who works for a Baptist state convention that is very involved in people group work. State conventions can play an important role in discovering and engaging people groups, if their focus…

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“In the News” is a series where I highlight research and various articles from around the internet to showcase the shifts of missiological significance.¬† If you read the last article, you saw that the Brookings institute had noted the shift of international communities to suburban areas. Well, here is more from the Brookings institute on the matter. The end of suburban white flight The Brookings Institute recently published a snippet of research concerning the continued diversification of America’s suburbs. You can check out the article here: “The end of suburban white flight.”¬†According to the article, the classic notion that inner…

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I love finding good, brief articles like this recent post by Justin Long concerning people group work in the US. Justin is actually writing as a response to an article by JD Payne on the topic. Now, I want to highlight Justin’s post. The chain continues! There are two primary points that Justin raises which are extremely important, and those are what I want to draw to your attention. I have pulled some block quotes below. The importance of cultural distance: An American church reaching Westernized Americans is one kind of outreach; an American church reaching first-generation Saudis or Somalis…

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