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Sometimes, I need people to draw me a picture. Let’s be honest, we all have that moment where someone starts explaining something complex and our mind floats off into the ether, wondering if there are any new cat videos on YouTube or when Tripp and Tyler will make another ChristianTingle¬†video. I get it. So, this week I’m drawing you a picture to discuss our strategy for people group discovery and¬†church planting in North America. But first, a little introduction: Last week in the toolbox, we shared about the Peoples Next Door Project. This two year project has helped us create…

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Peoples Next Door

This is the continuation of a previous post. If you have not read part 1, I would suggest you do so here. So, if missions is not about you, and it is not ultimately about them, then what is the purpose of missions? Why do we go? Simply put, missions is about a name. This mission goes to the very core of creation.¬† From “In the beginning” until the trumpet sounds, there has been a grand overarching purpose for all of history. God created space and time for a reason. He created the earth and all that is in it…

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Discipleship from the Word Peoples Next Door

I wrote the following two posts a few years ago, but I stumbled across them and decided I wanted to share them again. Before you read them, let me say they are a little reductionistic. That is on purpose, so that I can make a point about much that we say and do concerning missions today. My aim is to make people think, because I believe we need to analyze the motivations behind much that we call missions today.   Missions is not about you. To some of you, that may sound a little harsh. And for others, you may…

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