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I will return to my posts on Bible study tomorrow. However, I felt compelled to take a brief hiatus and discuss my reflections on the day. Traditionally, I have thought very little of this holiday, choosing instead to focus on the day off work, the grilled goodies, and the ensuing fireworks show to cap off the evening. Yet this year, I find myself celebrating our country’s independence on a foreign country’s soil. More significantly, this particular country is in the middle of a battle for its own independence. Not from some oppressive imperial power (they loosed those chains over 50…

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  This week, I am in seminars all day for my PhD, so I’m revisiting some old posts from my time in Africa. This post was written back in 2010 about a celebration I attended while serving as a missionary. One of the neatest aspects of my time here in Africa is watching the Bible come to life. The culture and way of life here is far removed from the western world and often touches the biblical world in ways we never witness in the States. For instance, I never felt the full impact of the words of God when…

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Discipleship from Africa from the Word Peoples Next Door

I wrote this piece while serving in Africa as a missionary. At the time, I was living in a small village far away from city life. The observations made in my time there profoundly shaped how I understand the Bible. I pray this one does the same for you. I had a quick thought to leave you with before I head back out to the village for a week. An exegetical fallacy that is commonly made today is overextending a metaphor or broadening the semantic range of a word too far to include more meanings than it is given by…

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Discipleship from Africa from the Word Peoples Next Door