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Today I’m posting another one from the archives. I wrote this one back in 2012. I find it ironically fitting, considering the current state of the presidential race and a lot of the rhetoric floating around in the political arena right now. I hope it makes you think.   Americans like their rights. As far as we know, they are unalienable, granted us by the fact that we are human. In our worldview, we deserve them. When our country was founded, we started with 10, and that number has steadily grown since then. Many additional ones have been written into…

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The following is a post I wrote shortly after returning from West Africa as a missionary. I share it again today really as a reminder to myself, and to share with you, about the great diversity that exists in the whole church when each local church has the freedom to worship in their own, cultural way. As you read this post, think about the thousands and thousands of churches spread across the world today, worshipping in their own language, in their own way, but focusing their praise on the one, true King and his glory!   I am still traveling.…

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Discipleship from Africa Peoples Next Door

I wrote this piece several years ago while serving in Africa as a missionary. I have changed the name of the gentlemen in the story, but the event is real. It impacted me and I pray it does for you as well. I pray we understand the value of a good story in Western churches, and that we learn how to tell the greatest story ever told.   “There once was a man named Jacob…” Those were the first words out of his mouth. Abe, a local pastor from the capital city, had come down to help with a volunteer…

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Discipleship from Africa Peoples Next Door