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It is amazing how easily the words “they” and “them” become “we” and “us.”

My journey to Africa started a couple of years before I ever stepped foot on the continent. We Baptists as a whole are a pretty missions minded group, so it was no surprise when our church adopted a tribe of people in Africa as a missions focus.

It is funny how that word “adopted” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to missions and evangelism. You hear about churches doing stuff like this all the time back in the States, but usually it really means no more than making sure said adopted group makes it on the weekly prayer bulletin and gets mentioned on occasion as a “focus.” Some churches go further and scrape up some money to send to a missions agency that is working with those people, and a select few will actually do the work necessary to put together a team to at least go and look at the people for which the church is praying. Now, before I offend, I readily assert that each of the aforementioned tasks are necessary to the work of God’s kingdom, and I do not mean to belittle any of them. I thank God for churches that will do any of the above, as most simply do nothing at all.

Yet, I hesitate in referring to that as “adoption.” Just ask someone who has adopted a child. Adoption is a commitment of the deepest kind, and one that, in my opinion, is a picture of what God has done for us in our redemption. Adoption is a word that, in its very essence, is relationship based. Read More What am I doing here? Part 2 – The People

Discipleship from Africa

Somewhere between the end of the pavement and the little village where we were doing our Bible study today, the realization hit me that most people who read this blog really have no idea what I do. Sure, you know that I am a missionary, and you know I am in Africa. However, unless you have been memorizing my posts and reading between the lines, I doubt you have put too many of the details together. It is high time I rectify this dilemma and share a little about the actual work here. Therefore, the next couple of posts will…

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from Africa

This is the last day of my seminar, and today I wanted to share one final post from the archives before I get back to writing. This one is from 2010, and shares a fundamental shift in my thinking about spiritual gifts. A couple of months ago, I received an email from a writer who prepares missions curriculum for youth. Our organization’s leadership put him in contact with me, and he wanted me to answer some interview questions. Oddly enough, none of them were about our work here or anything of that nature. Instead, they were general questions about discipleship.…

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