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Somewhere between the end of the pavement and the little village where we were doing our Bible study today, the realization hit me that most people who read this blog really have no idea what I do. Sure, you know that I am a missionary, and you know I am in Africa. However, unless you have been memorizing my posts and reading between the lines, I doubt you have put too many of the details together. It is high time I rectify this dilemma and share a little about the actual work here. Therefore, the next couple of posts will…

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from Africa

This is the last day of my seminar, and today I wanted to share one final post from the archives before I get back to writing. This one is from 2010, and shares a fundamental shift in my thinking about spiritual gifts. A couple of months ago, I received an email from a writer who prepares missions curriculum for youth. Our organization’s leadership put him in contact with me, and he wanted me to answer some interview questions. Oddly enough, none of them were about our work here or anything of that nature. Instead, they were general questions about discipleship.…

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Discipleship from Africa from the Word Peoples Next Door

I like to set things on fire.

I blame my father. When I was a little kid, we were always lighting things on fire… and then he taught me how how to make homemade fireworks. But that is another story.

I may enjoy the warm glow and soft crackle of a fire, but I am convinced I am not the only one. In my aimless meandering around the World Wide Web, I feel I have made an interesting discovery. I think Christians are closet pyromaniacs. Read More Off Topic: Are Christians closet pyromaniacs?

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