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My last day out in the village for a while. Sun is setting behind the mango tree, and the breeze is unbelievable. It has been that way most evenings as of late. I have been here for a long time now, actually, the longest I have stayed here without returning for supplies. Incidentally, I am broke.* I have been out of money for the last four or five days, just living on what I have here at the house/ hut. (It is still more than the rest of the people out here.) But I have no bread, or any fruit from the weekly market currently due to a lack of funds. I used my last bit of cash to buy medicine for the chief’s son. I cannot wait to eat something other than noodles, but I will eat well tomorrow when I leave the bush and get back into town. Read More Journal Entry – 2/20/10

from Africa Moments in time

I find myself wondering what those 10 days were like. I know what they were doing. The bible tells us they were devoted to prayer, but we have no view into how the disciples felt while they were waiting on the Holy Spirit. The following post is sheer speculation, but indulge me if you will. I am not asserting a biblical truth, merely pondering on a question which cannot be answered. This is more of a confession than a lesson so to speak. If you have never read Acts 1-2, firstly, shame on you. Secondly, go read it before finishing this post.

I am a person who likes a plan. I like to know what my days will look like. I enjoy setting goals and knowing the direction my work is taking. Conversely, I am uncomfortable with ambiguity. I find it difficult to work without seeing the “big picture,” whatever that means. I wonder if the disciples felt the same way. Read More Steps in the Darkness

Discipleship from Africa from the Word

Here is yet another one of my old journal entries. This particular entry was written the day after the last one I posted.

Same as yesterday… on the porch, sun setting, and reflecting on my day. I find this to be a beneficial way to close my days. It allows me to focus my thoughts and prayer. I feel my vision stays more kingdom focused this way. I pray I can continue to find this time.

Today was good. Felt like I was more “on my game,” so to speak. I have been struggling to hold on to my purpose these last few weeks as I have grown accustomed to my new station in life. Some good prayer time and a fresh look at the Sermon on the Mount seems to have set me straight once again. It is funny how the Spirit draws us to what we need when we need it. I have heard, and read, the familiar words of Matthew 5-7 since I was a little kid. One would think its meaning would soon tire or become overused as a broken record does. Or possibly, that it would at least become rote and unappreciated, much like and old toy. One receives it as a new gift, but over time the paint wears thin and the novelty fades. Read More Journal Entry – 12/16/09

Discipleship from Africa Moments in time