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  This week, I am in seminars all day for my PhD, so I’m revisiting some old posts from my time in Africa. This post was written back in 2010 about a celebration I attended while serving as a missionary. One of the neatest aspects of my time here in Africa is watching the Bible come to life. The culture and way of life here is far removed from the western world and often touches the biblical world in ways we never witness in the States. For instance, I never felt the full impact of the words of God when…

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Discipleship from Africa from the Word Peoples Next Door

I had an interesting conversation the other day with some of the old men in my village. As I have been learning the language, much of my time has been spent in conversation with different people. The best way to learn a language is to try and speak it. During my time in the village, I have slowly developed relationships with people and these conversations have evolved from me simply asking questions about their lifestyle to them being curious about our lifestyle in the States. This particular day we were talking about family.

In the Islamic culture here, it is completely acceptable and commonplace to take up to four wives. Most of the men in my village, by the time they are middle aged, will have at least two wives, if not three or four. This obviously creates large families with many children. Several of the men in my village have over 20 kids running around their hut. Read More On Polygamy

Discipleship from Africa from the Word

For the record, I really have no idea what the above saying means, or where it came from for that matter… but it sounded appropriate. Why is the proof in the pudding? I do understand the gist of the saying, otherwise I would not have used it to title this entry. But the nagging question remains, why is it in the pudding? Why not the pie or cobbler for that matter?

At any rate, I digress…

So I had to preach this past Friday. It was Good Friday and, as such, my text was pretty much picked for me. It was my job to deliver a message on the crucifixion. We found ourselves in Luke 23. In my opinion (one I personally feel is derived from the authoritative Word of God), it is not the preacher’s job to come up with anything new. I have heard it said, that if we as preachers and teachers come up with something new after the work of scripture has been complete and studied for 2000 years, then we have obviously done something wrong. My desire is not that people would hear anything I have to say, but that I can simply show people what God has already said. Read More The Proof is in the Pudding

Discipleship from Africa from the Word