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I am headed back out to the bush for a while, so I thought I would leave you guys with something that has recently been on my mind. I spent several days this past week working with a short-term team from the States. It was a real blessing, and God spoke to me about the cost that must be paid for His kingdom. We spent quite a bit of time discussing strategy, plans for the future and how we could be effective over here in Africa in reaching the lost people group that God has given us responsibility for. These guys were such an encouragement as I saw people willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work of the Kingdom. My thoughts were brought to the passage in Luke 14 where Jesus discusses true discipleship, and the cost we must pay to truly be a follower of Christ. A passage I should dwell on more often. Read More Counting the Cost

Discipleship from Africa from the Word

So, I may not have electricity very often, or plumbing for that matter, but this is the view just down the road from my house. Just thought I would share. Content Copyright © 2010-2011, C. Keelan Cook. All rights reserved.

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from Africa

Ironically enough, my quiet time this morning found me in Matthew 28. I try to read straight through scripture book by book as I study it, instead of taking little sections from here and there and piecing them together. I find it easier to hear what God is saying when I read it the way He wrote it. So this particular morning, I finished Matthew. Of course, Matthew 28 is one of the locations where the Great Commission is recorded in scripture (a particularly significant passage at this point in my life) but that is not where God really called my attention this morning. Instead, it was the beginning of the chapter, where Matthew discusses the resurrection of Christ. God’s words were too good, so I had to write this down! Read More The Resurrection

Discipleship from Africa from the Word