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I wrote this piece while serving in Africa as a missionary. At the time, I was living in a small village far away from city life. The observations made in my time there profoundly shaped how I understand the Bible. I pray this one does the same for you. I had a quick thought to leave you with before I head back out to the village for a week. An exegetical fallacy that is commonly made today is overextending a metaphor or broadening the semantic range of a word too far to include more meanings than it is given by…

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Discipleship from Africa from the Word Peoples Next Door

As you have probably noticed, I am going through old journal entries in order to “catch up” my blog on life out here. Here is one from this past December:

It has been entirely too long since I wrote in this journal. It is funny, as life gets increasingly normal here, the desire to chronicle my experiences seems to decrease. My hope was such an “extraordinary adventure” as living in Africa would spur me on to become a journaler. Ironically enough, instead this adventure is just becoming life.

I sit in a chair on my little back porch in the village watching the sun go down over the distant ocean as I write this. Now that this is becoming the norm, it may be more important than ever that I take this time to reflect on my experiences here. I see myself slipping into a numbness to the places, people, and purpose around me. May I not lose sight of my task here… no… of God’s task here. Read More Journal Entry – 12/15/09

Discipleship from Africa Moments in time

Here is a journal entry from last November, after I had started living out in the bush to do my language study. I thought this would be a good one to share.

Well, boredom set in yesterday. All seemed well as the first two or three days moved by. I actually began to think it was not going to be so bad being out here in the middle of nowhere. Then yesterday happened.

I woke up dreading the day, and it got worse from there. It was hot yesterday; hotter than before that is. My little 12 volt fan gave out in the middle of the night because my inverter was giving me fits. It seems my little electricity scheme needs some revisions before it is working the way I need it to. The first revision is a more energy efficient inverter.

The goats, kids, chickens, and every other random noise (including the deaf guy in the village who screams unintelligible phrases in an attempt to communicate with people) had finally found their way to my nerves and were carefully gnawing away at them. Stuff that was easily overlooked at first now collected my attention and began to erode my initial naivety at the ease of my assignment out here. My mood began to sour and patience with the kids began to wane. Read More Another Journal Entry – 11/12/09

Discipleship from Africa Moments in time