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I learned a new term this week: vacation move. A vacation move is when a person or family picks up and moves to another city but has no intention of staying in that city long term. Vacationer movers pack up their life and head off to another city, most often because it sounds like a fun place to live for a season. And millennials are doing it in droves. A┬ámove may be accompanied by a job offer or any number of reasons, but the idea is never one of permanence. It may be a stepping-stone position, or it may simply…

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In light of Good Friday, I wanted to share this memory. It is an excerpt from an article I wrote while serving as a missionary in West Africa. I was working with a Muslim people group in the bush. On this instance we were showing the Jesus Film to a village. Hundreds had gathered around a small television and generator I had transported out there for this occasion. For many, it was their very first time hearing the gospel story. For a number of them, it was their first time seeing a movie in their own language. Can people see…

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I hope I can talk about this without sounding like I have an axe to grind. Fortunately, our organization is in the coaching business, not the funding business, when it comes to church plants. In my previous position, I worked at a seminary. Again, we did a lot to train church planters, but seminaries do not provide a stipend for planting. So, I’m really talking about what I witness as church plants deal with other organizations. This is not personal in that sense… but it is personal. Planting a church is expensive. We need money, and if we just follow…

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