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“For every one American who consistently rejects religion, there are two who are on the fence about it.” That’s the claim of an article published yesterday at Christianity Today, and the article is worth a read for those of us concerned about Christian ministry. It deals with one of the basic limitations in the research methods we tend to use when gathering information for ministry. Bradley Wright, the author, tackles the idea of cross-sectional surveys for religious affiliation. In other words, a bunch of people are asked to fill out a survey, the answers are discreet (as in yes/no) and…

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When I was in high school (in the late 90s), I discovered vintage clothes. In the small town where I grew up, we had small businesses known as “dig stores.” They were vintage clothing shops that had a large piles of clothes on tables or in a room where you sorted through clothing, looking for buried treasure. I remember the first time I found a pair of bell bottom blue jeans. Anyone with just a bit of age on them knows that some fashions return to haunt us. When I was in high school, my parents laughed at my clothes,…

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The kingdom of God is already here, but not yet here fully. By no means is this concept new. You have heard it mentioned in a sermon, a Bible study, or in a classroom somewhere. One of the mysteries of the kingdom is the fact that it is both here and now and not yet fully established. It is inaugurated but not yet consummated. In other words, we already see the effects of this kingdom come to earth in the life of the church, but the total rule and reign of the kingdom is clearly not fulfilled. Evil still lurks…

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