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There are certain life events that reveal to us if we really believe what we say we believe. At eight months pregnant, I can say that the prospect of having a baby has definitely been an occasion for such reflection. My due date is quickly approaching, and with it, my anxiety has increased. I’m afraid of the pain, afraid that I won’t have the physical or mental strength to give birth, afraid that my husband won’t make it to the hospital, afraid something will go wrong, afraid my baby won’t survive, afraid of the recovery, afraid of losing sleep, afraid…

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I recently wrote about why it is important for believers to be in community with believers of different generations and life stages. The article, because it was for a pastors’ blog, was geared towards how church leaders can facilitate multi-life-stage discipleship among church members. But that is only half of the conversation. Though pastors should certainly lead their church and encourage members to fellowship with those who are not like them, it is not solely up to the pastors to foster discipleship among diverse groups. Members share in this responsibility. In fact, if church members don’t also see the importance…

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Love your enemies. That’s a tall order, but it is exactly what Jesus expects of his followers. In his most famous of sermon’s Jesus lays out a kingdom ethic for his followers. In Matthew 5, he underscores a clear expectation of his disciples: Christians love their enemies. It’s counter intuitive, counter cultural, and seems down right backwards to what common sense would tell us. And yet, that is exactly the ethic we adopt as Christ followers. Jesus provides this uncommon understanding of how we deal with opposition and hatred, but I think we need to notice why. Jesus does not…

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