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Love your enemies. That’s a tall order, but it is exactly what Jesus expects of his followers. In his most famous of sermon’s Jesus lays out a kingdom ethic for his followers. In Matthew 5, he underscores a clear expectation of his disciples: Christians love their enemies. It’s counter intuitive, counter cultural, and seems down right backwards to what common sense would tell us. And yet, that is exactly the ethic we adopt as Christ followers. Jesus provides this uncommon understanding of how we deal with opposition and hatred, but I think we need to notice why. Jesus does not…

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“We need more planters.” I hear it more than in the past. I can remember, only a few years ago, speaking with representatives at some of our national church planting agencies (and even some of the smaller church planting networks) and hearing they were at capacity. At the time, the conversation ¬†was centered on increased efficiency in equipping. Processes needed to be streamlined in order to run through more planters. Capacity was the issue back then. Today, the conversations I have with other network leaders are taking a different tone: scarcity. Now, to be sure, many networks are planting more…

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I like to keep everyone that frequents this website as up-to-date as possible on research pertaining to immigration in the United States. In my estimation, the startling rise of immigration over the last several decades presents one of the most significant occasions for missions in North America. This past week, Pew Research released a very helpful collection of data and visualizations that highlight some key aspects of immigration significant for local church missions. The immigrant population has more than quadrupled since the 1960s. According to Pew, there are more foreign born residents living in the United States than any other…

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